Basement, Bathroom, & Garage Glass Block Windows

We can permanently install glass block windows for nearly any application. Glass block window privacy, security, and durability are huge benefits vs. traditional windows.

Our Legacy in Glass Block Windows

For nearly four decades, we’ve been a trusted name in the world of glass block windows, and it all began right here in Greater Cincinnati. With nearly 40 years of experience in installing basement windows, our journey started in the realm of basements.


From Basements to Beyond

However, it didn’t take long for the exceptional quality of our glass block windows to gain popularity in other areas as well, such as bathrooms and even garages.


Craftsmanship in Every Block

In our early days, we used to send a skilled mason to homes with a box of individual glass blocks, meticulously constructing each window one block at a time. Today, our windows are meticulously assembled in our state-of-the-art shop in Sharonville, utilizing industry-standard adhesives and sealants. After all, we’re not just crafting windows; we’re crafting quality.


A Better Way Forward

Approximately two decades ago, we revolutionized our assembly method, shifting away from masonry. The result? Our windows are now brighter, cleaner, easier to maintain, and completely weather-tight. We proudly stand by our motto: “Affordable, Virtually Impenetrable, and Permanently Installed!”


Quality that Lasts a Lifetime

Our glass block windows offer exceptional value. They typically cost less than vinyl replacement windows and are built to last a lifetime.


Request a Free Estimate

If you’re considering a glass block window project, we’d be delighted to visit your site, assess your needs, discuss various options, and provide you with a free estimate. You can sign up for a consultation through this <link> or simply give us a call.


Diverse Options to Choose From

We offer a diverse range of choices, including six different patterns – three standard and three premium options. You can also opt for windows with or without fresh air ventilators. Plus, we even have a special dryer vent block that seamlessly replaces one block within the window.

Purchase Ready to Install Windows Online

We offer ready to install windows with pickup at our warehouse. Fast turn around times.



Most popular pattern.  Provides a good mix of privacy and light transmission.  Suitable for virtually any window application.  Shown with optional air vent.

glass block window wave


Most obscure pattern.  Perfect for applications needing the most privacy like bathrooms.  Shown with optional dryer vent block.

glass block window ice


Reasonably private geometric pattern that provides a high degree of light transmission.  Ideal for basements and garages.

glass block window diamond


The most transparent pattern available.  Provides the clarity of a traditional window with the security of glass block.  Shown with optional fresh air vent.

glass block window clear


Bronze shares all the qualities of the Wave pattern but with a bronze color tint.  Shown with optional Clay colored fresh air vent.

glass block window bronze


Ultimate in privacy!  Clear block with both faces etched for a semitranslucent white glow when illuminated from the opposite side.   

glass block window frost

Glass Block Window Gallery

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