Premade Glass Block Windows

Save money on installation by installing your own glass block windows.

Glass Block

Buy glass blocks individually, including dryer and air vents for DIY glass block windows.

Pre-assembled glass block window ready for the DIYer!

Order your pre-assembled glass block basement windows today and they will be ready for pickup in 4 business days or fewer.
All our windows are assembled using SEVES glass block and our proprietary sealants to make weatherproof basement window ready for you to install.

See our simple measuring instructions and size chart to determine which size you need, choose the pattern you like, select the appropriate size window, whether you want a vent or not, and place your order. You’ll receive an order confirmation with a pickup date.

If your size isn’t listed or you aren’t sure what size you need, give us a call and we can complete your order over the phone.
The sizes here represent only a small portion of the glass block basement replacement windows we build each year.
All our fresh air vents have dual pane glass sashes, a fully welded frame, and a removable screen.

When ordering a basement window with a dryer vent, you’ll need to specify whether the dryer vent is to be on the left, or the right side of the window while looking at the window from the outside. Our dryer vent blocks come in 4 sizes and replace a single block in the window. Each has 3 louvers on the outside which open and close when the dryer comes on and shuts off.

How to measure your opening
Measuring for new glass block windows is relatively simple. Basically, you’ll need to know the clear open space where the glass block is going to be installed. Our glass block replacement windows are a little over 3 inches thick, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when measuring.

What comes out and what stays in? That is up to you. When we measure for glass block basement windows that we’re going to install, we plan for the entire sash (operable part that contains the glass) and the entire frame (fixed part that is mounted to the foundation) to come out. When that’s not possible, we figure the space left after the sash itself is removed.
If you are unsure of your measurements or how to measure for your windows, give us a call and we can try to talk you through it.
There’s no standard right or wrong way to install the new glass block basement windows. We use a mortar mix to fill the space left between the new glass block window and the foundation. Since the windows are made in 2” increments you’ll want to use a material that can fill a variety of spaces. You need to concentrate on retention – what holds the window in place, and weatherproofing – what materials you use to maintain a weatherproof seal around the perimeter.

We recommend you purchase a window that is between 1” and 2” smaller than your opening. It’s not uncommon for windows to be sized as much as 3” smaller than the opening. If you buy a window that is only ½” smaller than the opening, that’s going to leave you only ¼” on either side to fill with mortar or other retention device. And if you’re opening isn’t square, the new glass block window may not fit at all.

Individual glass blocks

We’ve only listed the most popular patterns here. Each pattern comes in 3 different sizes and can be configured to fit nearly any size basement window, garage window, bath window, or other opening. We’ve listed only the most common fresh air ventilator sizes and the four different dryer vent block sizes. We have fresh air vents in many other sizes in stock so we can add a fresh air vent to virtually any glass block window.

If you’re looking for other 3” glass block patterns, 4” glass block patterns, glass block accessories, or something more unique, give us a call.