Showers, Walls and Bars

Dividing space and sharing light makes smaller rooms feel bigger without sacrificing privacy.  Virtually any non-bearing wall or structure can be built with glass block rather than drywall and paint or tile.  This makes smaller spaces feel bigger, and with the variety of patterns available you don’t have to sacrifice privacy to do it.

Glass Block Showers

Inside the home, showers are the most popular application for glass block.  Showers have to have walls, why build them with drywall and tile when they can be constructed with glass block? 

Glass block provides an openness to a shower that you just don’t get with a framed wall.  Light is shared between the shower and the rest of the bathroom making it feel less claustrophobic. 

Glass block isn’t limited to straight walls either.  There are a variety of shapes available to make 22.5° 45°, or 90° turns or even sweeping radius walls.  Finished end blocks are available in several patterns to complete the wall without additional materials. 


Stella pattern glass block
Deco pattern glass block
Stella pattern glass block
Deco pattern glass block

Glass Block Bars

Whether it’s a bar in the family room or an island in the kitchen, glass block is a classy material for that application.  A vast selection of patterns, sizes, shapes, and colors are available to choose from. 

Want to represent your favorite team’s colors?  Check out products from the Mendini collection.
Want something with just a touch of color?  Check out the Design or Basic Lines.
Perhaps you want something neutral but still classy?  The 4” Premier Series is where you want to look.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:
Bar constructed using Standard 4” Nubio 

Glass Block Interior and Exterior Walls

Dividing space with glass block provides privacy and decoration to virtually any room or exterior wall.  Sharing light between spaces makes those spaces feel larger.  Whether it’s an interior wall dividing two rooms, or an exterior wall keeping out the elements while allowing the natural light in, there is no other building product that makes such a dynamic impact on your space.

Privacy can be maintained via certain patterns, add bold colors for an art-deco design, or subtle pastel colors to compliment the rest of the décor. 

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