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That’s how we do windows!
Our windows are assembled in our shop using a system we’ve perfected over the last 30 years using the highest quality glass block and sealants.  Then we install them using a type S masonry mortar to ensure a strong, permanent installation.  All that for a fraction of the cost of vinyl replacement windows.

Largest Selection in the Area!

Teaming up with SEVES has opened up virtually limitless options for colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns!  From the basic 3 inch thick glass block for windows, to geometric shapes and even solid glass bricks for amazing aesthetic effects!

Glass Block isn’t just for basement windows!

Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, churches and other commercial facilities can benefit from glass block replacement windows.  Bringing new light into these old spaces can bring them back to life.  Bright natural light will make that dungeon a much more appealing place to be without relying on electricity during the day.

Want something truly unique?

We have the ability to laser engrave an image, scene, logo, text, or virtually anything you want into either individual glass blocks, or onto your entire window!  Want a forest scene in your bathroom window?  How about your company logo on your bar-front or entry way glass block?  Perhaps you want a glass block bank with your name engraved on it.  We’re the only game in town doing this.

Waterproof your shower right the first time with wedi.

We are distributors for wedi shower systems.  The lightweight, 100% waterproof tilable backer and shower base system.  If you’re remodeling your bathroom, insist on the best products!

Versatile Glass Block For Every Application

Whether for a window, wall, bar, shower, or simple decoration; glass block can outlast many other building products.  It won’t rust, rot, or erode, has no moving parts to wear out, and when properly installed will last just as long as brick or concrete blocks yet remains translucent allowing light to be shared between spaces.

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Glass Block

Glass Block is a building product that’s been around for more than a half-century.  It’s considered masonry and was originally reserved for commercial applications where light transmittal was required without sacrificing durability and security.

Standard 3"

Standard 3” thick glass block is the ideal choice for glass block windows.  There are 6 standard patterns to choose from that come in a variety of sizes that can be configured to make a window to fit virtually any opening size. Standard 3″ Glass Block

Premiere 4"

The Premiere 4” series is the go-to collection for commercial applications or “construct on site” applications and applications where the wall has a curve or corner.  Several of the Premiere 4” series has multiple sizes and even shapes and finished ends. Premiere 4″ Glass Block


We exclusively distribute SEVES glass block.  SEVES is a formalized collection of some of Europe’s most recognized glass block brands.  Vetroroaredo, WECK Glass Block, VitraBlok, Solaris, and many of the most popular products from the former Pittsburgh Corning Corp.

Wall & Floor

Yes!  In addition to typical windows and walls, glass block pavers are a thing!  They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and patterns.  Some can even be installed as wall tubes to let light in through random openings.  If you really want to learn more about glass block pavers, send us an email.

Glass Block Windows

In the early 80’s, we started promoting the idea of glass block for windows for residential projects.  It was a natural fit for basement windows and we’ve installed more than 250,000 of them and more than 100,000 residential projects in our 40 years.


There’s no denying that more glass block is used for basement windows in the US than any other application.  We install over 2,000 residential contracts each year ourselves! They’re the ideal basement window.  They’re weather proof, let in light, and are absolutely secure.  There’s no better option for the least traveled space in your home!


“Privacy” only partially describes the reason for glass block in a bathroom window.  “Privacy without the need for curtains or blinds” is a better description.  Not to mention the fact that our glass block bathroom windows are virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned with any cleaner you would use on your tile, unlike some of the plastic block windows on the market.


Lawn mowers, tools, toys, bikes, and any number of other things that a thief would be eager to get their hands on are stored in your garage.  Usually, your home security system starts at the door from the garage to the house.  If a thief can’t see what’s in there to steal, he won’t suffer the embarrassment of failing to get through our glass block window.  Basically, keep out the prying eyes and the bodies their attached to!

Vents & Accessories

Ventilation, Dryer Vents, even cat doors can be installed in our glass block windows.  Typically these things only take the place of a couple of the blocks in the window so the security aspect is not affected.  Get fresh air in, dryer exhaust out, cats out, or squirrels in.  Piece of cake!

glass block shower wall in blue and white

Walls & Showers

The 2nd most popular use of glass block in a residential application is in showers.  Rather than more tile, walls are constructed from glass block.  The effect is a less “dungeonous” shower stall where the shared light makes the stall feel bigger.

Standard Walls

Dividing rooms with glass block will make the rooms feel bigger than they really are.  Various transparency options and even colors are available to maintain whichever level of privacy your project requires.

3d Shape Walls

Want to add another dimension to your dividing or exterior wall?  We have several patterns that include blocks with 22.5° and 90° corners, and even radius shaped blocks in their selection.  Serpentine walls, or simple 90° turns are easy! 

Custom Designs

Want something truly unique?  We have the largest selection of colors, patterns, and finishes available in the glass block world through SEVES.  Checker boards, flutes, waves, and even mixing different sizes together with or without color can make a truly unique wall!

Etched Block Walls

Unique on a whole new level!  Can’t find the glass block pattern that suits your décor?  How about a wall or window with a custom laser engraved scene spread across the entire window?  Mountains, ocean, forest, or perhaps something more personal like your favorite team, cause, or even family?  We can engrave virtually any image, graphic, or text onto either individual blocks, or spread over the entire window or wall!

Learn What Glass Block You Need


From walls to commerical grade bars, there is a glass block for nearly any building project. Glass block is a durable, unique, and affordable building material. Light passthrough and varying levels of transparency add dimmension to your build that most other materials can’t match.

3 Inch

3 Inch Glass Block

3 Inch glass block is used primarily for windows (Basement, Bathroom, Garage, and other replacement windows).

3 Inch glass block can be used for interior and exterior walls.



Glass block thickness will affect strength, sound deadening, insulation value, and light transmission levels


Height & Width

Glass block height & width will affect patterning and window fitment.

Pattern & Color

Glass block surface & color will affect light transmission, light color, and privacy. We offer moderate privacy and enhanced privacy options.

Premiere 4 Inch

Premiere 4 Inch Glass Block

Premiere 4 Inch glass block is used primarily for construct-on-site commercial applications like shower walls and bars.

Premiere 4 Inch glass block can be used for interior and exterior walls.

clarity glass block


Glass block thickness will affect strength, sound deadening, insulation value, and light transmission levels


Height & Width

Glass block height & width will affect patterning and window fitment.

Pattern & Color

Glass block surface & color will affect light transmission, light color, and privacy. We offer moderate privacy and enhanced privacy options.

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