Window Assembly

Yes!  We can make glass block windows for you to install yourself.
Glass Block windows are what we do and we’re happy to make it easier for Contractors and DIYers to save money by installing the windows themselves.

We’ll need to know 3 things:
1) The opening size where you intend to set the window(s).
2) Which pattern of block you want for your window(s).
3) Whether or not you want a fresh air ventilator or a dryer vent block.

We keep several of the more popular basement window sizes in the Wave pattern already assembled and ready to go, in stock with or without vents.

If we don’t have it in stock, we can assemble your window(s) and have them ready to pick up in just a couple of days.
And if you’re not in the area, we’re happy to quote shipping as well.

Glass block window installation

In case it’s not made clear already, installing glass block windows is one of the things we do.  And in 2023 we’ll be celebrating our 40th year!

We’re happy to visit your project with you, review the options, and provide a quote for the installation.

We can also add vents and dryer vents to your existing glass block windows as well as replace any broken blocks.
Depending on the age of your windows, we may still have matching or similar patterns available.

All our estimates are free of charge to our customers.

Glass block showers and walls

Glass block is still a popular product for shower walls,  bars, and dividing walls.

We’re happy to help design your shower or wall with glass block in mind.  There are so many colors and patterns available that it can be overwhelming at times.

With a little input from you, we can layout the shower or wall and provide a material quote, installed quote, or in some cases – a pre-assembled modular wall kit.

Commercial window design

“Aging Infrastructure” doesn’t just mean highways and bridges.  Many manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and even schools and churches have windows that were new when the structure was built.  The “Technology of the Day” was simply glass caulked in a metal frame, or worse – glass caulked in a wood frame!

These days you be hard pressed to find any single pane commercial glazing for new construction, and with good reason.  They’re not much more efficient than having an open window!

Your facility is suffering from designs and products of the past where energy was either non-existent, or considerably less expensive than it is today.

We can tailor a window solution for your facility that will improve the look, improve the energy performance, improve the security, and increase the value of your property!

Nation Wide wholesale distribution

Not in the Greater Cincinnati area?

Not only do we ship our products directly to you virtually anywhere in the US; we can recommend dealers and even installation contractors in many metro areas across the country.

If you are a glass block contractor looking for a supplier, we’d love to hear from you.  We keep many of the popular window patterns and sizes in stock along with the vents and dryer vents you might need.

Whether you need a window, a block, or a truck-load, we’re happy to work with you.

Specialized glass block specifications

While we don’t necessarily write specifications, we can help guide your project from concept to completion.

Many times architects and designers simply “copy and paste” specification from their library right into a project.
Rarely do the specification for Glass Block or Glass Unit Masonry (04 23 00) included in a package meet today’s standards.  While the application has changed much, the product availability has.

Before breaking ground on your project, make sure your bidders have current information to work with.

Wedi shower layout and design

Considering a bathroom remodel?  Or are you a contractor looking for a better way to put a shower together?

We’re happy to review your plans and help you with a design that will implement the highest quality shower waterproofing products available.

Our wedi waterproofing products are the cutting edge of design and technology.  A shower waterproofing system that is 100% waterproof and offers at least a 10 year warranty!

Bring us your plans and we’ll configure a wedi shower system that will outperform virtually any else on the market.

Workshops and PK sessions for wedi

Wedi Shower Systems are a departure from traditional “mud-pan” showers.  Some times that can be intimidating for a contractor.  That departure from what we know can keep us from taking advantage of the technology.

For that reason, we host Wedi’s technical representative at our Sharonville, OH facility once or twice a year.  At these workshops, it’s a relaxed environment where the representative is a technician and not a sales rep.  There is no pressure to buy!

These workshops are for educational purposes and not soliciting sales.

You’ll have a better understanding of Wedi products and almost every contractor who attends, uses Wedi on their next shower project and never goes back to the old “mud pan” or other products on the market.

On-Site PKs are another opportunity for education and even continuing education points for architects.  We’ll come to you!  Or more accurately – Wedi will come to you and educate your entire team in the comfort of your own facility.

Are you a contractor who’s interested in Wedi but can’t make the time to attend a workshop?  We can also do a “First Install Assistance”.  You’ll work with us to specify the products for your application, purchase the products, and we’ll arrange the Wedi technical rep to meet you on the job site and help and instruct you through your first installation.

Laser engraving of glass block and glass panels

Want a truly unique window? 

What if the glass block window in your bathroom had a nice mountain scene engraved in it?  Perhaps your company logo engraved on your store front glass block?  Maybe you’re favorite team engraved on your glass block bar or window?

We can apply virtually any image to our glass blocks and either assemble them in a window or have them packaged and ready for wall construction.

Perhaps you’re looking for a unique fund raiser for your club or cause?
We have a variety of banks and vases in several sizes that we can apply your art to.

How do we do it?

We process the image and use our CO2 laser to precisely and permanently engrave that image into the face of our glass blocks.

Depending on the quality of the image you provide, we can apply it to a single block or a wall of glass block 10 feet long and tall, or even bigger!

Have an idea? 

We’re happy to take a look and see what we can bring to life!

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